Once you establish a partnership with Game Buzz, we help you optimize your game production to achieve the best state for release.
With an expertise that has a decade of experience in game development and the global market trends, we focus on the parts of your game which should be improved upon.
In addition to getting feedback from our network of international publishers, we will put your game through extensive and rigorous QA procedures in order to highlight any issues which we believe will affect gamers’ experience.
We assist and coach selected projects from creation of the very first game design document to production and post-production phases.

  • We will formulate the best marketing and PR strategies for your game, based on our comprehensive market research data collated from a decade’s worth of experience in game industry
  • We’ll help you determine the best schedule for press and media releases, and collaborate with you and your team to write the most effective press release content
  • We will conduct awareness campaigns and market testing research
  • We help you position your game in the best way possible by maximizing media coverage
  • We build a fan-base community before the release of your game 
  • We can help build a social network community by growing your Facebook page followers and designing customized tweets to maximize the social engagement

The heart of production is summarized in Monetization. By drawing on best practices from our experience on the most successful mobile games in Iran, up-to-date market research surveys, MNO partners (MCI and MTN), and insight on gamers’ taste, we can enhance the ARPU of your game as well as its user base.
Having a strong relationship with the key players of ad industry (both atl and btl) and a deep knowledge about game industry in Iran, we are able to boost the sales of your game titles. We also have some facilitating technical infrastructure including carrier billing, SDK integration, and local server hosting.
We are focused on publishing games in Iran and we do know how to do it. We have clustered the vast community of Iranian gamers and are able to get the right content to the right customer at the right time.


Careful monitoring of the game’s lifecycle state and devising the proper initiatives to exploit the maximum potential of the market is crucial to this business. We have the proper tools and the necessary expertise to navigate the game through its journey.
We also provide local support services for the games, including localization, customer support, and periodic voice of customer surveys.