About Us

Game Buzz is pioneer digital publisher of mobile and PC games in the territory, focused on Iran’s untapped market.
Our strong partnership with key local media outlets, marketing role players, distribution channels, and massive gamer networks, along with our expertise and experience in launching game visibility campaigns in local market, has enabled us to come up with some great results in Iran’s lucrative game ecosystem. It would be our pleasure to provide you with market insights and trends to guarantee your success in the fresh emerging market of Iranian gamers. 

We will collaborate with you to select the best set of games from your catalog for Iran’s market and then launch it by offering these services:

  • Local Payment Methods (internet payment gateway, SMS payment, carrier billing, USSD payment, full money collection, and transfer process and reports)
  • Acquiring Legal Publishing Permissions
  • Localization Support (translation, artworks, voice, and music)
  • User Acquisition (Iranian ad-networks including high ranking websites, mobile ads, carrier notifications, etc.)
  • Gamer Support (in Farsi)
  • Call Center
  • User Community/ Retention Management
  • Visibility Campaigns
  • Press Releases and Media Coverage
  • Local Server Hosting Facilities
  • Periodic Voice of Customer Reports
  • SDK Integration and Development Collaboration
  • Retail Merchandise Distribution

Our current partners have already co-published their international games, and re-monetized their new released and formerly launched titles, through our platform in Iran. The DAU/MAU are more than doubled for games after publishing.

Game Buzz has strong support from the 3 main MNOs in Iran, enabling us to provide user with various payment options, as well as to market for the new products efficiently. Moreover, we have strong partnership with, and sponsor Iran's National Football Team (Federation), which provides us with full access to advertisements banners around football courts, and promotion power for related games. That's why we love soccer games heartily!

Having strong relationship with Iran Computer and Game Foundation (IRCG), various local media outlets, marketing role players, distribution channels, and exclusive IP, Game Buzz can shortcut and optimize the process of monetization for any game.


Support Number: +98 21 66932197

Contact Address: Unit 19, No. 64, Bagherkhan Ave., Sattarkhan St., Tehran, Iran